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All inclusive Dog spa package offers:

Twice shampoo, conditioning, brush & dry. *Ears plucked & cleaned. Tails trimmed. Pedicure package. *Anal glands by request. Hygiene trim. Fashion accessory/cologne & your choice of the following cuts:

Tidy – trimming of stray hairs only. No full body clipping or scissoring – call for pricing
Kennel – full body short clip – call for pricing
Teddy bear/Lamb – custom shaping – call for pricing
Breed specific – as per Canadian Kennel Club Breed Standards – call for pricing
Pricing is based on coat type, coat condition and type of cut. A surcharge may apply for heavy matting/pelting of coat and for dogs that require extra attention. This will be discussed with you on arrival. Specific CKC Breed Standard grooming, per individual consultation. Please call for package pricing.

Upgrades and extras for Spa Package and Bath/dry clients:

Deodorizing Shampoo $6
Flea Shampoo $14
Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioning $6
Medicated Shampoo $10—for very dry, broken or irritated skin
Blueberry Facial $5—help to brighten white/light faces

 FURminator Treatment:

— A 3-part process that releases undercoat to decrease heavy shedding. Featuring a patented tool and shampoo & conditioner made with natural ingredients including Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, Chamomile Extract & Aloe Vera to moisturize the coat and help to loosen undercoat while bathing to minimize shedding. It’s paraben free with no artificial colours or chemical dyes. $16

Single services – Spa package not required

Bath, brush and dry: call for pricing
Pedicure Package $25 (Nails trimmed & ground. Pad hair trimmed Pad Moisturizing balm & *Nail Polish)
Nail Polish $9
Nails trimmed $12
Nail grinding $5—grinding is to remove sharp edges only—not to shorten nails.
Nails (difficult) Nails trimmed with added charge for difficult dog $15—requires 2 or more staff
Pad Moisturizing Massage $6 (Conditioning balm relief for pads damaged by hot pavement , ice /salt & moisture)
Pad Hair trimming $10—hair removed from bottom of feet
Sanitary (bum and groin) trimmed $10
Anal glands expressed $10
Ears cleaned with Natural Aloe $5
Ears plucked $5 (This is not a cosmetic treatment. Too much inner ear hair can trap moisture and foreign objects creating an environment for yeast and bacteria to grow).
Brushing-out and/or dematting per 15 minute interval $12
Face trimming $15—To remove excess hair around the eyes and to keep face shaped
Teeth Brushing $8

Prices do not include HST

*If required and upon request

Deskunking – Not available.:

As we are a Pet Hotel with overnight guests, we don’t want the odour to flow through our air ventilation systems. See your veterinarian.