Tours & Check-in


TOURS of our Pet Hotel are by appointment only. Appointments are necessary to ensure that we have enough staff available so that the care of the pets in-house will continue uninterrupted. Tours are limited to 2 people only. This could be 2 adults, or 1 adult and 1 child only. Please understand that our Pet Hotel is not a large facility. It was designed for premium pet care with an efficient staff compliment. To ensure uninterrupted pet care services during tours, we must limit the number of people inside.

The tour will take approximately 20 minutes. To maintain a calm environment for the pets in our care we ask that you do not go door-to-door getting the dogs attention. It can be upsetting to them to have strangers peering at them through the door. It’s also important that we refrain from engaging any pets in the grooming salon.

Please do…
– make an appointment for your tour and please arrive on time.
– bring your dog if you like but all dogs attending tours must be on a flea/tick regimen and must provide an up-to-date Certificate of Vaccine for Rabies – Yes, even if the visit is just for a tour.
– park in the parking area in front of the building and not on the grass or in the driveway.
– poop and scoop. There are poop bags and a green bin available at the front door.
– sanitize your hands upon entry.
– allow the attendant to complete the details of the tour and answer your questions at the end.

Please don’t…
– bring more than 2 people for the tour. 2 Adults, or 1 adult and 1 child, only please.
– bring your cat for the tour. Cats often don’t travel well and won’t benefit from the tour experience.
– bring your pet if they are ill or have a communicable disease
– attend the tour if you are ill or have a communicable disease
– don’t walk around the private residence. Please limit your activity to the Pet Hotel area only.
– be emotional or upset during the tour. Your pet, and the pets in our care will absorb this anxiety.
– distract or try to gain the attention of the pets being groomed.
– knock on the dog suite or cat condo doors to get pets attention. Some can feel scared or under attack to see strange faces looking in.
– touch the glass. The owner hates fingerprints 😉


2 people, this could be 2 adults, or 1 adult and 1 child, only, may accompany your pet into their dog suite or cat room to get them settled. To make this process efficient we ask that you take no longer than 20 minutes and limit your activities to only settling your pet. If anyone is emotional during check-in this may leave your pet with unnecessary anxiety. We want the pets to feel safe and your demeaner will dictate their response. So please be cheerful and reassuring.


We will not invite you beyond the reception desk during the Check-out service. It’s important that we have opportunity to gather all of your pet’s belongings and complete the check out details before we bring out your pet. At that point they will be very excited, as will you, so we want to make sure that the check out is complete prior to your reunion.

We are very proud of our Pet Hotel and we encourage our client families to participate in the check-in service. It does leave your pet feeling safe and secure.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
The Lonsdale Grove Team.