COVID-19 April 6, 2020

Lonsdale Grove Temporary Policy Changes re: COVID-19 – Updated April 6, 2020

In compliance with government recommendations and in effort to limit our clients and staff from possible exposure to COVID-19 we are implementing the following temporary policy changes:

Boarding has been designated an ‘essential’ service. People who must work, are sick or caring for someone sick or who may have an emergency, require pet care. We are here to help. All playtime will be private one-on-one with staff. We will sanitize anything that comes into contact with your pet and wash our hands when moving from one pet to another. We want to ensure limited cross contamination. As Covid-19 is a new virus, scientists don’t yet fully understand its’ transmission or possible impact on our pets.

Check in and out:
We cannot invite you into our building at this time. Our staff will meet you in the parking area and take your pet safely to their private suite or condo. Please maintain a 2-meter distance from our staff, where possible. Please put your pet’s food and medications on the driveway.

Please confirm feeding and/or medication instructions via detailed email.

Payment should be made in advance by Visa, MasterCard or E-Transfer. Please contact our office for the total.

What to bring:
Please limit your pet’s possessions to only enough food and medications necessary for their stay. Don’t bring unnecessary bowls, measuring instruments, or toys.

Grooming has not been designated an ‘essential’ service therefore we are not accepting grooming appointments, including grooming for pets who are boarding.

All tours of our Pet Hotel are cancelled until further notice.

Your pets will continue to enjoy our hospitality, attention and individual care and have a great time! We are committed to excellence in health and safety practices for the pets in our care and their human families by reducing risk where possible. For now, please accept our grateful “thank you” rather than shaking hands.

Thank you for your understanding. Please stay safe.

Rick and Paul and team.