What you need to know.

Vaccination Requirements

We will accept titer test results proving active antibodies in lieu of any vaccine other than Rabies. We will always defer to your veterinarian’s recommendations regarding vaccines for your pet(s). Please ensure vaccinations are completed at least 7 days prior to arrival.

Dogs: Certificate of Vaccination signed by your Veterinarian to include proof of up-to-date vaccination against:

    • Rabies as required by law
    • DHPP/ DAP or equivalent
    • Bordetella(Canine cough) – optional

Our HVAC’s superior Ultra Violet air purification ensures that your dog breathes only clean and sanitized air in their personal dog suite.

CATS: Certificate of Vaccination signed by your Veterinarian to include proof of up-to-date vaccination against:

  • Rabies as required by law


Details of Boarding

Emergency Care:  Any pet requiring emergency veterinary attention during their stay will be taken to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo which is only minutes (8.8kms) away from us at 14 – 405 Maple Grove Rd, Cambridge. Every attempt will be made to contact the owner and/or emergency contacts. All costs incurred are at the owner’s expense.  Please ensure a contact person/yourself or a decision maker is reachable by the vet when you are away.  This person should be able to make decisions and make payment.

Neutered/ Spayed:  Preferably neutered/ spayed by sexual maturity  – typically within first year. Exceptions will be considered.

Parasites:  Your pets should be properly dewormed. Your pet should be on a flea prevention program such as ‘Revolution or Advantage’ and not have tics or fleas. Flea collars are not acceptable substitutes. We are not responsible if your pet contracts fleas. Any Pet who has fleas will be administered a flea bath at the owner’s expense.

Health:  Pets should be generally healthy and without any contagious infection, disease or parasite. Full disclosure of your pet’s health is mandatory.

Hygiene/ grooming:  Basically clean without a malodorous coat.

Medications:  We require medications in the original dispensed container complete with dose requirement and contact information for the prescribing veterinarian. It is always a good idea to supply extra medication.

What should I bring?:  We are all inclusive in that we provide: beds, blankets, toys, bowls, food and treats. We use various brand name high quality dry dog and cat foods. If your pet requires a special diet or if you wish to provide your own food and/or treats you may do so. If you wish to bring blankets, beds, toys, crates etc….. you are welcome to do so.  Our goal is to provide a low anxiety stay. Having familiar items can make your pet more comfortable and secure. We will feed your pet on your schedule. Details will be recorded on check-in.